Why Choose Us

Sourced Directly From Farmers

We grow majority of the fruits and vegetables ourselves in our own farms organically. Some of the are sourced directly from the farmers & villagers.

Traditional Taste

We learnt these methods from our grandparents and use them to make a quality product and get the traditional taste.

No Preservatives

We do not use any permissible and non-permissible additives, colourants, preservatives, regulators, vinegar or any other chemical.

Reasonable Rates

We are providing our products for reasonable rates to maintain the quality in what you consume. Quality is not cheap.

Quality Oils

We do not use palm oil, which is used by most of the brands on the shelves for cheaper pricing. The only oils we use are Sesame seed oil & cold pressed Groundnut oil.

Quality Condiments

We choose quality condiments like we use the cold-pressed ground nut oil for preparing our pickles.

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Bringing back our grandma’s recepies & introducing authentic products to the new generation.


Amla Pickle
Gongura Pickle
Lemon Pickle
Ginger Pickle
Mango Pickle
Red Chilli Pickle
Tomato Pickle
Karvepaku Karam

About us

Do you remember the taste of pickles from grandma’s kitchen? What excitement it would be on the day the pickle is made – Eagerly waiting to taste it and mixing it with rice to get the real feel and tinge on your palate.

Yes, it is this tinge we would like to give our customers – to bring back our grandma’s recepies & introduce them to the new generation. We help you to enjoy the spice that brings the Indian meals alive – without spending all the intricate and time yourselves. What we also bring to you along with tradition & taste is the “Quality”.


Very highly recommended very professional and excels in their customer service skills. We have ordered pickles and podis so yummy with good quality…. overall nice experience as we are regular customers will continue my orders

Navya Rao

January 15, 2022

Granny’s pickles are the most authentic pickles I’ve ever tasted. Garlic and Drumstick pickle are spicy and delicious!!! I see this as more of a service to pickle lovers, providing so much variety while maintaining taste and quality.

Naveen yadav

January 15, 2022

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