Refund and Returns Policy

  • Returns are not allowed.
  • We serve with complete care and with genuinity. Shipping rates charged are based on the 3rd party courier service providers and they tend to change. There can be cases where the delivery person from the shipping providers/courier companies misplace or mishandle the package. In such cases, please call us or write to us on for any query.
  • Refunds or replacements will be based and assessed completely on case by case basis. But the good thing is our success rate in proper delivery is 99.8%.
  • Packaging
    1. We use 2 layers of sealing so that there is no leakage.
    2. Induction sealed first and then wrapped in a layer of thermoform for shock resistance during the rough handling by the courier/delivery reps.
    3. Full box is wrapped with brown packaging tape.
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