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Do you remember the taste of pickles from grandma’s kitchen? What excitement it would be on the day the pickle is made – Eagerly waiting to taste it and mixing it with rice to get the real feel and tinge on your palate.

Yes, it is this tinge we would like to give our customers – to bring back our grandma’s recepies & introduce them to the new generation. We help you to enjoy the spice that brings the Indian meals alive – without spending all the intricate and time yourselves. What we also bring to you along with tradition & taste is the “Quality”. Coming from a well educated family and having a very good and long experience overseas, we understand the importance of quality and are highly committed towards maintaining the quality in our pickles. We are very particular about the condiments & the materials we use to make our pickles. To name some, the fruits and vegetables that we use in our pickles are grown organically in our own farms with just cow manure and absolutely “NO” pesticides. Even the chilli powder we use is from the red chillies we grow in our farms.

We want to and will strive to provide the quality and the natural traditional taste in the pickles we make. We would like you to experience the additive-free, preservative-free, vinegar-free, colourant-free, tasteners-free through our home made pickles.

Come to us for taste of Home & Quality

Our Motto

Invest in Quality !! Try us to believe

The age-old tradition of making pickles at home is slowly giving way to bottled pickles.​ With the generation of grandma’s hand made recipes slowly disappearing, we decided to revive the taste with her valuable hand me down recipes and preserve the mouthwatering and delicious pickles.

We present you the lip-smacking south Indian pickles you will enjoy for sure.

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